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The wellbeing interviews

This interview series is a collaboration between ASB and @mhsmindfulmeetup. Each episode is a conversation between Angela and a fellow staff member in which they talk about how they define wellness in all parts of their lives - mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional.

Episode 1: Ms. Brown
Episode 2:
Mrs. Clarno
Episode 3:
Mr. Clauson
Episode 4:
Mr. Aguilar
Episode 5:
Mrs. Kennedy
Episode 6:
Mrs. Benner
Episode 7:
Mr. Larson
Episode 8:
Mrs. Roberts
Episode 9:
Ms. Moranchel
Episode 10:
Mrs. Walker

Lesson 10: Emotional First Aid Kit

Create your
emotional first aid kit

Learn more about putting together a kit of resources to help you when your emotional and mental health is needing support.

The last slide includes a variety of mental health resources right here at MHS and in McMinnville.

under construction:

the den will soon be home to quizzes,
challenges, and other fun activities
for grizzly students.