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RtI (Response to Intervention)

RtI is a systematic and data-based method used to identify, define, and address students' academic difficulties in the general education setting.

RtI practices are built on the belief that all students can learn.

RtI is comprised of 6 core principles:

1. Regular screening/benchmarking for all students

2. Scientific, research-based classroom instruction

3. Multi-tier model of service delivery

4. Regular progress monitoring

5. Instructional decisions based on data

6. Targeted intervention coordinated with the classroom instruction

Tier 1 (75-85%) is regular classroom instruction that is individualized to meet the needs of all students.

Tier 2 (10-15%) intervention is provided in addition to classroom instruction. Reading and/or math support occurs either within or outside the classroom.

Tier 3 (5-10%) intervention is more intensive and is provided in addition to classroom instruction. It is direct and explicit. This supplemental instruction is provided outside the classroom.

Tier 4 (<5%) intervention would be a referral for a special education evaluation. These students require additional observation and assessment.

Hello Parents,

If you are interested in learning more about the program your child is receiving through the RtI process, you can click on the link and read more at the program’s web site. As always, if you have any specific questions about your child’s progress, please contact the interventionist working with your child.


Great Leaps

Fundations (K, 1)

Little Books

Stepping Stones (K)

Sounds Sensible (K)

Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) (K-5)

Targeted Reading (K-5)

Reading Recovery (1st gr.)

Literacy Plus

Wilson (2nd gr. +)

Quick Reads (4th gr. +)


Seeing Stars

Scholastic Short Reads


Great Leaps

Targeted Math (K-5)

Math Triumphs

Math in Focus

Pinpoint Math (1-2)

Everyday Math support (1st gr. +)

Number Worlds 2007

Adult supervised IXL (licensed/web based)

On Cloud Nine

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