eXceptional students to be

Curious and


Lifelong learners

Excel Director / Grade 8 EXCEL

Adina Hunter has been teaching in the Noble school district since 2005. She worked as the NHS EXCEL teacher for twelve years before becoming the EXCEL Director in 2019. She earned a B.A from Messiah College in Pennsylvania, is certified in Gifted Education, and is currently working on her Masters Degree in School Leadership. In 2015, she was recognized by MEGAT as the Maine Gifted Educator of the year and in 2019 the Maine Hannah E. MacGregor Teacher of the Year recipient. Adina and her husband live in Eliot with their two children Hazel (6 years) and Weston (4 years).

Noble High School, Grades 9-12

David has been teaching in MSAD 60 since 2006. Certified in both English and Social Studies, he has taught both subjects as well as related electives over the years, and he designed and co-advises SEAL, the NHS Humanities Diploma Endorsement Program. David graduated with an honors degree in Political Science and History from USM before earning an MSc in International and European Politics from the University of Edinburgh. He later completed the teaching program at UNE, where he has since served as an adjunct instructor and board review member. David lives in Portland with his family.

Noble Middle School

Christa is originally from Belgium and moved to the United States twenty years ago. She has been teaching for 18 years and eight of those were spent outdoors, and five with uniquely gifted students.

Christa recently moved to the area with her daughter and husband from the island of Kauai where she spent her days as a high school director and an avid lei maker. She earned her B.A. from Suffolk University in the United Kingdom and is currently working towards her M. Ed. in gifted education. Her goal is to build confidence, instill a love of reading, and display for students a clear understanding of how their thinking works; instilling in them that this is the pathway to both personal and academic excellence.

Hussey School/Knowlton School

Eileen Sahagian has been teaching elementary students since 1978. She began as a classroom teacher and after ten years returned to school to earn her M.Ed. in gifted education. She began a school-wide enrichment program in NJ and was a gifted education specialist in Ohio. She taught courses and supervised student teachers at DeSales University and Franklin Pierce University. She has two amazing grown children, a geophysicist husband, and a dog named Buddy. She loves to read, sing, sail, ski, and swim.

North Berwick Elementary School

Brenda LaFrance became part of the EXCEL team in 1999. She has a B.A in Elementary Education, an M.S.Ed in Educational Administration and is certified in Gifted Education. She has four children and has an addiction to reading! Last summer she read 10 novels! in her free time, she also enjoys cooking and going for walks. She is committed to her students and their constant need to learn. She very much wants to stay connected to her students when they leave NHS, so send her an email and say hi!

Hanson School/Lebanon Elementary

Donna joined the EXCEL staff in 2017. She has worked nearly two decades in the public school system as an elementary teacher in the regular education classroom as well as teaching experience in a multi-age educational setting. She also began an alternative solutions consulting business and has been the sole proprietor since 2004. In 2010, she became a published author with her first book, a personal memoir, and is a contributing author in a compilation series as well. With these skills, she draws upon her strengths of individualization and diversification of instruction when working with the EXCEL students at the Lebanon schools.

Hussey School

Lorna Henley became part of the Excel team in 2019 after teaching for 30 years in Biddeford, Maine. She has a B.S in elementary education, an MS in Literacy, was a NASA Explorer School teacher and represented the United States in Russia, at a Science education exchange convention. She was a foster parent for 10 years, and loves all children, but especially her own 3 children and 7 grandchildren who are the moon and the sun in her world. Outside of school, Lorna is an herbalist living in a solar powered house on a lake in the woods. She teaches adult ed herbalism classes, has a small herbal company, makes mead, grows her own food, and plays outside until dark.

MSAD 60 EXCEL is a program that supports students who have advanced academic and artistic abilities.

EXCEL Mission Statement:

We believe that students who excel or have the potential to excel above the norm should be provided with educational opportunities that match their abilities, interests and needs. These experiences will give students the chance to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills at an advanced level and/or pace. EXCEL collaborates with classroom teachers to ensure that students’ educational programs meet their individual needs.