Medomak Valley High School

Student Devices and Applications:

  • RSU 40 provides students with chromebooks for educational purposes. Chromebooks will go home with students unless their home access has been restricted by the school administrator or technology director. Parents may also request that the chromebook not go home by contacting their school administrator or the technology director. Students are all provided access to the chromebooks at school for their studies.
  • No personal computer, laptops or tablets are allowed in school per district policy.
  • Filtering of objectionable content at school is enabled on our network. Safe search practices are also enforced through the setting on the chromebook. However, it is important for families to know that our network-based content filtering is not enabled at any location outside of the school so students using a school device at home are not under the protection of our network content filtering - they are under whatever settings you have on your home network or wherever the device may be being used.
  • Damaging a device (beyond normal use) or theft of a device may be the financial responsibility of the parent/guardian, per district policies.
  • If your student leaves the school/district, please make sure the chromebook is returned to the school office by their last day of school.
  • RSU 40 is a Google domain school. The core google products are approved for use by students: Google Mail, Google Drive, Slides, Sheets, Docs, Forms, and Calendar.
  • Parents and students are encouraged to carefully review the information on Student Data Privacy and contact the technology director with any questions.