Elementary Schools

  • Elementary students have access to shared carts of computers. We have both macbook air computers and chromebooks in all of our elementary schools. We also use some ipads in classrooms and for special projects in the libraries.
  • Teaching students good practices in the use and care of computers is a part of daily use of the computers in elementary classrooms.
  • Digital citizenship is integrated into the everyday use of technology as well as being part of guidance curriculum.
  • Damage to devices by students is covered in district policies.
  • No personal computer, laptops or tablets are allowed in school per district policy.
  • RSU 40 is a Google domain school. Google Mail is NOT enabled for grades K-8. Google docs, sheets, slides and classroom within the RSU 40 Google domain are used in many classrooms in the district.
  • Parents and students are encouraged to carefully review the information on Student Data Privacy and contact the technology director with any questions. On our district website is a list of software applications and their privacy statements that may be used in the district. Please contact your student's teacher to find out what applications are being used by your student.