ILC Day @ MS319

What is ILC Day?

ILC stands for Independent Learning Center. It is a place in the classroom where you can use school computers independently (on your own BUT with permission from your teacher) to research and complete educational activities to address your areas of focus.

ILC Day is our day when we officially have students begin using the ILC in all classrooms. In some classes, you may have to take turns using the ILC. We have some activities below to get you started so please have fun learning and practicing skills to be a better learner. After you finish the activity, remember to log it in your ILC Student Work Log located next to the classroom printer.

Here are ILC Activities for your subject class


Learn about a special key on the keyboard.


One activity for each grade.


This activity has sound. Please use headphones or lower the volume of the computer.

Social Studies

How well do you know the 50 States on a map? Ignore the redirect notice and click the link to go to the activity.

After you complete the activity and obtain your score, record the what you have done by filling out your Student ILC Work Log like the example below:

Student ILC Work Log

For the questions you answered incorrectly, research the questions and take the quiz again if possible.