Welcome to Tainan Municipal Liren Elementary School. 

Tainan Municipal North District Liren Elementary School is committed to providing a high-quality educational environment and comprehensive learning experience. It aims to cultivate students' holistic development, reinforce character education, enhance students' self-directed learning abilities, and foster a spirit of teamwork. The main objective of Liren Elementary School is to build a positive and optimistic attitude towards learning. It emphasizes both character development and academic growth, offering diverse school curriculum and activities to encourage students to learn.

Liren Elementary School boasts an outstanding faculty team with ample teaching experience and professional knowledge. The school curriculum covers core learning subjects and various learning fields to meet students' comprehensive needs. With its excellent teaching faculty, abundant extracurricular activities, and vibrant atmosphere, Liren Elementary School provides an ideal learning environment and has nurtured numerous talented individuals.

School Features:

1. Established in October 1898, Liren Elementary School owns historical buildings from the Japanese colonial period, making it a century-old school with a rich cultural atmosphere and beautiful environment.

2. Liren Elementary School offers art talent classes, cultivating numerous outstanding artistic talents. With a thriving artistic atmosphere, students have won numerous awards in various competitions, and the school has been recognized as a recipient of the Art Contribution Award of Ministry of Education's.

3. The baseball team of Liren Elementary School has a long-standing tradition since the Japanese colonial period. The team won first place in Asia and second place in the World Little League. It’s a cradle for nurturing national baseball players.

4. The string orchestra of Liren Elementary School has won many awards in numerous national music competitions and is one of the most distinctive music groups in Taiwan. It constantly collaborates with local musical groups, and invite parents and the community to perform together, which provides great opportunities for all to enjoy the fantasy of music.