Google Drive: Blogposts

Drive: Advanced Searching

Learn how to search your Drive like a pro

Drive: Command-K

Search Google Docs, Sheets, or Forms with a quick search!

Drive: Force Copy a Template

You can "force" your students to make a copy of a Drive file very easily

Drive: Offline Mode

Learn how to enable "Offline" mode in Google Drive.

Drive: Publish Files to the Web

Want to showcase student work as a website?

Drive: Unlimited Storage

Did you know you have unlimited storage in your school Google Apps account?

Drive: Videos

Store and share videos in your Google Drive

Forms: Advanced Features in the Forms

Learn about some advanced features in the new Forms

Forms: Choice Eliminator in the New Google Forms

Learn how to "Eliminate Choices" in a Form. Great for conference/club sign ups!

Forms: Creating a Map from a Google Form

Want to create a map from Form data quickly? Watch this!

Forms: Inserting Images

Great for Math Teachers!

Forms: The New Google Forms

Interested in Learning how the New Google Forms works? Click here