Back It Up & Lock It Down

Computers fail, Devices get lost, Scammers abound - Protect yourself NOW.

You can take steps to keep your data available, no matter what happens:

  • BACKING IT UP means to prepare a systematic way of storing your data. You are one misplaced (or stolen!) device (or latte' spilled on the laptop) from losing all your information - UNLESS you've got a backup!

Some ways to do that:

  1. Cloud storage of important files
  2. Automated backup services
  3. Regular copies of data kept to a secure location

Your data needs to stay under YOUR control:

Securing your information - LOCKING IT DOWN - means

  1. Strong (unique!) passwords for every account - use two factor if you can
  2. Locking screen savers on computers
  3. Secure physical storage for devices
  4. Keep software up-to-date.
  5. Skeptical appraisal of online content and email (no, that phishing mail really isn't from your email provider!)
  6. Using tools and suggestions in EFF's Surveilance Self Defense package :