An Advanced TV group figuring out the new 4k cameras!

Update 1

Advanced TV was hard at work this week beginning their small group projects, tasked with learning the new technology purchased during the summer, creating promotional videos/tutorials for their assigned equipment, and peer-tutoring the other students.

TV Production 2 began their toughest challenge right out of the gate: watching one of the worst movies ever made (on multiple internet lists). As a TV 1 refresher, students will make a misleading, professional-looking trailer to "fool" audiences into thinking it is actually a legitimate action-movie blockbuster!

TV Production 1 was given a history of television production.

Introduction to Engineering learned the milestones of computing from EDVAC to the present day.

Cisco Networking Academy 2 received a refresher course on the "Introduction to Networking concepts learned in Cisco 1"

Setting Up VR Laptops

MRHS received 3 new HTC VIVE VR rigs (for a total of 4). Students installed RAM, updated the OS, and installed necessary software.

New Drones

The MRHS Drone Club is coming!

Advanced TV students began learning to fly in to help them with the Drone Club promo video.

iPhone Gimbal

MRHS video cameras are not always available, but every student has a great video camera in their pocket! This gimbal will help stabilize video and allow students the freedom to take high quality clips with cell phones.

Advanced TV students demo'ing "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes", a team-building communication game where one student must communicate what they see to a waiting team of "experts", while the clock keeps ticking down!


Update 2

Advanced TV turned in their "Progress Blogs". A few have already moved onto new projects; others have a lot more detail to drill down on.

TV Production 2 began editing their "misleading trailer". One student asked: "What bad thing did we do to you last year to make you punish us with this movie?"

TV Production 1 learned script structures, and started watching the movie they will create a trailer for, while simultaneously learning the video editing interface for Adobe Premiere.

Introduction to Computer Engineering began learning the basics of computer hardware.

Cisco Networking Academy 2 proved they could configure switches and routers with names, passwords, IP addresses, and encryption.

The MRHS Drone club had its first exploratory meeting, to decide on the day, and foci, of the club. Discussed was a "fun club", a racing club to compete with other schools, and instruction toward earning their FAA Pilot licenses to start making money during the current drone "craze" in business.

Advanced PC Graphics sentenced two students to life in Virtual Reality! They are currently experimenting in "Tiltbrush VR", Google's VR art software.

VR Exploration in Tiltbrush

2 Advanced PC Graphics students created these mini-masterpieces, each only having had 15-20 minutes of instruction/exploration time. They had never tried VR before!

Come out for Drone Club

The MRHS Drone club laid out all of their drones for the first meeting. More drones are on the way.! Students are currently learning to fly professional photography drones for MRHS home games.

"Networking" in its' Natural Habitat

Cisco 2 put client/server interactions to the test after they learned the inner-workings of an indie cooperative, multi-function, networking simulation game.

Update 3

It's been very busy for MRHS technology!

MRHS had visitors from the Changsha Experimental School in China. Student Ambassadors were assigned to show our visitors around. It sure seems liked a great opportunity for some VR!

In other VR news, students have been experimenting with phone-style VR/AR (augmented reality)/360-degree viewers. This is a very different type of experience than the full VR VIVE rigs. Technology students will continue to explore this technology as we explore it's educational uses for our school

Advanced TV students are beginning to gear up for livestreaming our morning announcements. It all begins with a professional broadcasting device called a Tricaster, and ends with the announcements streaming onto each classroom's interactive whiteboard, as well as student chromebooks (thanks to the 1:1 initiative that's rolling out). The students are beginning to learn the process and ill start drilling next week

Advanced PC Graphics students are continuing to love using Tilt Brush in VR. This week they made Pokemon!

Introduction to Computer Engineering Students watched "The Pirates of Silicon Valley" and began a short project on the history of Apple and Microsoft.


Technology students are using apps like Google Cardboard to help evaluate potential classroom technology

The Tricaster Mini is here!

After a few minor setbacks, our new livestreaming unit for morning announcements is up and running. Now to create the videos and graphics, and train!

It's Pokemon for PC Graphics

After a discussion with the visiting Chinese students about Pokemon, Advanced PC Graphics students decided to get to drawing!

Update 4

Advanced TV students have been drilling all week to prep for next week's first livestreamed morning announcements broadcasts!

The 2nd Annual MRHS Tri-District 8th Grader Field Day was a huge success! Documenting it all were TV Production students who took stills, videos, and even flew drones to capture all the action.

Speaking of the Field Day, and 8th grader who was part of the MRHS Summer Drone Academy took time out of his busy "field day" schedule to come hang out and get in a few minutes of flying.

When we told our Medical Science teacher about the OrgAnon Anatomy VR software, she wanted more info ASAP. Technology students are creating a "walkthrough" video to show her

TV Production 2 students turned in their misleading trailers.

Cisco students are learning to convert to binary and hexadecimal notation.

Practicing for Livestreaming

Student teams are learning about broadcasting, livestreaming, and teamwork


Students covered the Tri-District Field Day from the ground and the sky

Drone Academy Alumni

An 8th grader from the Summer Drone Academy stopped by to "rip some packs" with the drone coverage for the Tri-District Field Day

Update 5

What a week!

Advanced TV drilled HARD to be ready to livestream the morning announcements next Monday.

Speaking of Advanced TV, a small group created a compelling "trailer" for Mrs. Russo, to get her excited about the possibility of VR in the Med Sci classroom. It worked!

A different group continues to explore Google Cardboard in a classroom environment.

In, maybe, the best development ever: Mr. Yob posted on an internet BB asking for advice, and a person going by the handle /u/donkker chose to use the opportunity to make student dreams come true by donating some of his old equipment to MRHS! His donation will allow students to build their own drones in the future, but in the short-term will help train students by allowing them to have "authentic" experience using "pro" controllers with simulation training games!

TV1 turned in their first trailer projects. they were graded and the best of the best were discussed in class

Introduction to Computer Engineering is learning about crowdfunding - the advantages and the pitfalls.

TV2 is watching an underrated movie classic, and discussing along the way. Next up: They will create promo videos for MRHS clubs/sports/activities.

In the meantime, the Drone Club is "soaring" with new equipment! They took advantage of a break in the bad weather and flew photography drones outdoors! Soon they will be training to pass the FAA Commercial Drone certification test. MRHS envisions a future when local businesses reach out to MRHS students and allows them to act as small business owners, fulfilling sky--high photography needs!

Internet Stranger Donates

After Mr. Yob posted a question about drones on Reddit, a complete stranger from South Carolina sent hundreds of dollars of equipment to the MRHS drone club. u/donkker is a Manchester HERO!

Closing in on an MRHS Tour

If you click the photo above, you'll see MRHS's first steps toward a VR/360 MRHS virtual tour! Using Google Cardboard, we were able to take a 360 degree photo of room S-2, showcasing our VR tests and Morning Announcements drills!

Advertising VR to the MRHS Faculty

Advanced TV students created this amazing 40-second video to show our Medical Science teacher the capabilities of anatomy in VR! They even added the logo at the end. Hey Medis Media, MRHS students can do this all day!

Drone Club 1

As a supplement to the weekly update, I would like to present these two awesome videos of new and "old" Drone club members working together to learn, share, and further the scope of the club

Drone Club 2

Plus, we used our new DJI phone gimbal to catch all the action! This was, whet they call in the business, a "good day". These students are having so much fun, and learning learning LEARNING.

Update 6

Presenting MRHS Falcon eSports!

MRHS explored the emerging high school competitive scene of eSports, partnering with EGFH and fielding a 3-player (+1 sub) Rocket League Team. Rocket League is a team game best described as "soccer using remote controlled cars". The team developed gaming, communication, and teamwork skills while playing schools from Connecticut, NJ, and Virginia. With a "big rollout" planned for the fall, and the option of fielding teams in other "sport games", such as Overwatch, League of Legends, Smash Bros., and Hearthstone, the 2019-2020 season should be a Can't-Miss event for students!

Intro to 3D Printing

The Introduction to Computer Engineering classes have begun creating keychains in TinkerCAD, to then be printed ans distributed. Students may create the keychain of their choice, but must conform to strict size/thickness standards

MRHS Scores AFE Grant

Manchester Regional High School was one of of only 2000 schools in the nation to earn a grant from Amazon/Edhesive for access to blended-learning computer science classes. Students are enjoying learning the Python programming language.

Summer Drone Academy

MRHS is proud to offer the 2nd annual Summer Drone Academy for students from our sending districts (open to all upcoming 6th-9th graders). Students will learn to fly/race drones, and even learn skills in Virtual Reality! Email for more information