Central's AP Website

*DISCLAIMER: Burnaby Central Secondary only offers AP exams to students enrolled at Burnaby Central. This is a DISTRICT-WIDE policy*

Not only does taking an AP course in high school give a student an opportunity to potentially get University credit in high school, AP courses are shown to help better prepare high school students for the academic challenges that you experience in University. 

Research consistently shows that students who are successful in AP typically experience greater academic success in college than similar students who do not participate in AP.

Post-Secondary institutes are beginning to look at prospective students' portfolios and evaluate how rigorous their senior years are, how diverse their course loads are and there’s no better way to "beef up" your application than by being able to add an AP course or two.


Here you will find a calendar that has all dates & deadlines specific to Burnaby Central AP Courses.  

Please make sure to check in and stay up to date on all the latest info!


Acceleration or Co-Requisites may be required to take some courses:

You will need to take Biology 11E & Biology 12E prior to enrolling in AP Biology.

NOT OFFERED in 2023/2024

You must have taken PreCalculus 12 AND Calculus 12.

You must have taken Mandarin 12 or a placement interview AND a have good English 10 mark.

You must have taken English 12 AND Lit 12 prior to entering AP English.

Micro and Macroeconomics are offered in alternating years

2023/2024 is AP Macro

Any strong Grade 10 students (current Grade 9) can take AP Statistics. 

If you have any questions?!