Welcome to the

Department of Political Science


  • To impart value based education to the student so that they can develop their intellectual capability as well as their moral and mental health.

  • To give the students an awareness about the political science as well as about other allied subjects like, History, Sociology, Philosophy, Economics and Human Rights.

  • To help the students to develop their knowledge as they can move to other professional academic field for career advancement, such as, International Relations Rural government, Social welfare management, MBA, Journalism, Library Science etc.

  • To help them in competitive examinations for admission to higher studies and career oriented examinations, such as, NET/ SET.

  • To encourage students to continue their higher studies and inspire them to be an ideal teacher.


The department of Political Science is an effective and important department of the college. We want to make the department more effective and to overcome our incapability.

  • We are hopeful that in future we shall organise more state level as well as national level seminar and more extension lectures and special lectures.

  • We also wish to publish our departmental journal regularly.

  • We eager to do project on local Panchayat area.

  • We want to equip the departmental library with more books.

  • We want to carry out special coaching for our present and ex- student to guide them in their career advancement.