Welcome to the

Department of Philosophy


  • To impart value based education to the students which will lead them in a positive direction and rightly shape their future.

  • To create an environment in which the students can realise the profoundness of life and appreciate multiple perspectives on life.

  • To update the students with recent developments in the subject.

  • To motivate the students for higher studies and research.

  • To enhance the physical library as well as e-learning resources and computer facilities to keep the students abreast with the changing academic scenario.


To promote the highest level of disciplinary knowledge in students and infuse in them critical thinking skills, thoughtfulness, sense of morality, sense of responsibility, and a respect for values so as to broaden their outlook and enable them to negotiate effectively with changes, disagreements and dissent. The department envisions to create sensible, empathetic, and rational human beings who can successfully contribute to the greater good of the society.