Work, Volunteer and Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO)

Thanks for your interest in exploring your community through work, volunteer, and extended learning opportunities. Check out the following opportunities:



April 10th, 6:00pm - 8:00pm ~~~ TXT U L8R at UVM Medical Center

  • This is a program put on BY the ER and Marketing Outreach Group at UVM. Its primary audience is Driver Education classes, but all drivers are welcome. It is a terrific and meaningful two hours.

May 5th, 9:00- lunchtime ~~ Mount Abraham Union High School Safety Fair

  • A new opportunity to participate in Mt.Abe’s safety fair. TLLM will partner up with a woman who lost her son to distracted driving. She will speak and present her program and TLLM will show video, have kids take the pledge, provide phone stickers/bracelets and help out in any other way necessary….. a new program, so it will be an organic process!
  • If you are interested, please contact Beth Bingham at


Professor Thomas Patterson of the Harvard Kennedy School Of Government is teaching a free online sixteen week course on American Government--- a must for any politically engaged high school student.

It starts April 24 and enrollment is still open. Free.!


Central Vermont Humane Society is excited to announce the start of fundraising for our annual Walk for Animals on Saturday, June 3– our most important fundraiser of the year. We would like to invite many of our local school districts and Community Partners to share information about this popular event with your students or children throughout your organizations. Last year a 10 year old was our biggest fundraiser, she raised over $3,200!

They can participate as a team or as individual fundraisers or walkers.

There will be special prizes for:

· first team to raise $1,000

· top overall fundraising team

· top 3 individual fundraisers (adult and child categories)

· first individual to raise $500

I have attached an event info page as well as a poster for you to display. I will follow up with you in the next few days to see if you have any questions and to discuss team possibilities.

Please see the attachments and visit our webpage for more details regarding this fun event.


I own Northstar Fireworks in East Montpelier along with my Father. We run 5 retail store location and in charge of most professional fireworks display you see in the New England. We have also donated many shows to Montpelier athletics for home coming and graduations. All though we are open all year round, summer is our busiest time. We will hire anywhere from 75 to 200 people for the summer mostly in the months of May through August. We are looking for people to work our retail shops, jobs may include, running a register, customer service, stocking shelves, all basic retail stuff. Because we are so seasonal I thought reaching out to some high school students who will be graduating who might be looking for a short term summer job for a couple months before they head off to school.

Thanks Tom

Northstar Fireworks

Lighting Up The Skies!

Tom Swenson

2235 Vermont Route 14 South M P.O. Box 65

East Montpelier, VT 05651

Tel. (802) 229-9690 Office

Tel. (802) 522-6718 Cell

Fax (802) 229-2300

ELO: What’s the Story? The Vermont Young People Social Action Team: an experiential and digital storytelling course for middle and high school learners. WtS is a remarkable flexible pathway open to Vermont middle and high school students, made possible by Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English. This credit-bearing, free, and innovative learning experience provides students with the tools, resources, and expertise they need to pursue their questions, collaborate in multi-age teams, and take informed actions that make a positive contribution to their communities.

ELO: American Civil Liberties Union Summer Institute. The ACLU is now accepting applications for a week long advocacy training and leadership development seminar at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., from July 29 – August 5, 2017. Deadline is April 7th.

ELO: Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD): SADD provides opportunity for select SADD students to join an exciting advocacy-training program called SADD SPEAKs (Students for Policy, Education, Advocacy, & Knowledge). This national program is an opportunity for students to gain valuable skills and assist the national organization through a special advocacy-training institute. The goal of SADD SPEAKs is to equip, train and empower teen leaders in advocacy, leadership and the public policy process around traffic safety. Click here for more info.

ELO: The Vermont Referee Committee is offering just 3 more entry level referee certification classes this seasonal year:

March 19, 2017, Shelburne Town Offices - 8:45 AM - 4:45 PM

March 25, 2017, Colchester (Location TBD) - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

March 26, 2017 Castleton - Castleton University - 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

To register, simply click HERE

For more information on Referee Certification, please visit our website:

ELO: Classroom style ATV safety course for youth ages 12-17: All riders under the age of 18 need a state approved safety certificate, and this course provides this to students absolutely free. Parents will need to pre-register their children with the VASA office by 3/13/2017 in order to participate in the class, which will be held at the VASA office in South Barre on 3/25/2017. See Parents' Info, Flyer, and Registration forms.

ELO: This summer, Vermont Tech is offering intensive for-credit courses at Norwich Farm. These courses are Ag and Forestry based courses. Norwich Farm has housing accommodations for those interested in staying on the farm throughout the course intensives. For more information, click here.

ELO: Vermont Tech's TRY A MAJOR DAY-- RANDOLPH CAMPUS Friday, 5/5/17; Please let Sarah Loveless know if you are interested in attending ASAP. Spaces fill fast-- registration will likely be full before 4/1/17.

ELO: Vermont Tech's Coder Camp for Girls: July 17-21

(day camp - for girls entering 8th-10th grades and mentorships -Williston Campus)

ELO: Vermont Tech's Rosie's Girls STEM Leadership Camps: June 19-23 or July 10-14

(overnight camps - for girls entering 9th -10th grades with follow-on mentorships - Randolph Center Campus)

ELO- GIV Entrepreneurship: June 24-30 (Governor’s Institutes of Vermont)

(overnight residential Institute for students entering 10th - 12th grades

Randolph Center Campus - this includes social entrepreneurship- doing good)

ELO: Vermont Tech's AeroCamp: July 24-28

(day camp - ages 12-18 - Williston Campus)

ELO: Water Safety Instructor Course (3/18-3/23/2017) and Lifeguard Course at Vermont Tech SHAPE Pool, 3/18-3/23/17. Course and registration info is available here.

Work Opportunity: Montpelier Recreation Department is now accepting applications for February and April break day camp counselors AND summer positions at the summer day camp and pool. Click here for more info.

ELO: STEM – Bridge Building Competition – and Crushing! Vermont Tech – free to enter – plus free lunch and t-shirts day of event!

High School - March 31, 2017 and Middle School - April 13, 2017

Students are invited to participate in Vermont Tech’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology’s 3rd Annual Bridge BuildingCompetitions. Teams will construct bridges in advance of the competitions - using only Popsicle sticks, Elmer’s glue, tooth picks, and dental floss - for criteria, information and registration –

Contact: Anne Watson

Volunteer Opportunity:

About Text Less, Live More: Through a student-led, national campaign TextLessLive More, funded by Merritt’s Way, we endeavor to eradicate and raise awareness to the dangers of distracted driving through social media and technology. Ultimately through legislation, Merritt’s Way aims to end the deadly combination of getting behind the wheel and texting and/or streaming.

Opportunities include:

  • Serving as an MHS student leader to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving
  • Organizing events at MHS to increase awareness about distracted driving
  • Serving as a student representative on the board of TLLM, a national 501-C3
  • Spreading the word about JoyRyde, an app that locks the driver’s screen for the time period they choose and rewards the participants for each mile they drive phone-free
  • Serving as VT student ambassador for TLLM; attending VT Highway Safety Council meetings and participating in the UVM txt ul8r program
  • Helping to keep the content of TLLM’s website current

Please note that any amount of involvement is encouraged and appreciated! If you are interested, please contact Beth Bingham at

Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO):

The American Legion Law Cadet Training Program

Program runs from 6/18- 6/23/17. Click here for application and details.

ELO: UVM Summer Academy

Complete program dates: July 9 – August 4, 2017

On Campus dates: July 9 – July 20, 2017

Online dates: July 22 – August 4, 2017

ELO: Med Quest: Health Careers Exploration Program

Sunday, June 25 through Friday, June 30, 2017, at Johnson State College

ELO: Champlain College's Young Writers' Conference 5/26-28, 2017

ELO: Conversations From The Open Road April 19-April 30, 2017

ELO: The Center for Cartoon Studies Summer Workshops

ELO: Champlain College's Art & Design Portfolio-Building Summer Course for high school students July 8-23, 2017

Volunteer Opportunity: Camp Daybreak

Volunteer Opportunity (Ongoing): Central Vermont Humane Society

Volunteer Opportunity (Ongoing): Heaton Woods

Volunteer Opportunity (Ongoing): Westview Meadows and The Gary Home

Volunteer Opportunity (Ongoing): Central Vermont Medical Center