Hi, I'm glad you stopped by to check out my page. I'm Brian Montgomery, the music teacher at K.C. Coombs. I believe all students can be successful in music if they try. By successful I mean finding your voice. I also believe learning is a life-long activity. I learn from my students everyday and that's what keeps our music class fresh and exciting.

I received a degree in Commercial Arranging at Berklee College of Music and a B.A. in Music Education at Westfield State University. I play many instruments but my main three include piano, percussion and voice. I play timpani in the Southeastern Massachusetts Festival Orchestra and drums for Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Alistair Moock. I also love singing and dancing with my family when I’m not singing and dancing with my students.

In music we do a wide variety of standards based activities. I grade students on their participation in class. Every child's voice is unique and beautiful. Each class I try to do movement, singing and playing while learning a new music concept. Music class is a great time to play music games and make new friends. Students are encouraged to try new things and it's ok to make mistakes because that's how we learn.

Feel free to write to me if I can be of any help or if you would just like to say hello. The more I know about you and your children the more I can help them learn. My email is

Peace, Brian Montgomery