The BFTC is the theatre company of Mashpee Middle High School. It is open to students in grades 7 through 12. We produce two shows each year: a play, either comedy or drama, in the Fall and a musical in the Spring. Contact Mrs. Reynolds at Ext. 1252 (Fall) or Mrs. Farrell at Ext. 1141 (Spring) for more information.


We know that there are several great activities and sports to fill your after school hours but we hope you will consider joining us in the spotlight on stage. But wait... you're too afraid to be on stage? Well, there's a place for you backstage and behind the scenes, as well. You can work on stage crew, painting and building sets, working on costuming or lighting and sound.

The performing arts have many great benefits as you prepare for college and the world. Studies have shown that involvement in the arts leads to higher academic achievement, confidence and self- presentation skills, problem solving & perseverance, and serves as a medium for self- expression and building empathy and compassion. All of these areas are also great selling points for the college admissions process as well as the job market. However, these things aside, BFTC members feel included, learn new things and most of all, they have fun!