Cross Country

Head Coach:

Jordan Fuglestad

Assistant. Coach:

Terri Haywood


Dave Samler, Brett Friesen

& Kyle Austin

Patriots XC Principles:

1. Be the best at the things that take no talent

2. No "what ifs"

3. E+R= O (Event + Response = Outcome)

4. Don't be afraid to fail

5. Worry about the process, not the goal

What is Cross Country besides the greatest sport ever?

Cross Country is a test of the human spirit. We run and we run some more, but we run with purpose. There are no timeouts, no substitutions, just you and the clock. We run 5000 m (3.1 miles) in a race through parks, golf courses, and fields. We challenge what we thought was possible in the pursuit to become our best as both an individual and as a team. In this process we find out a lot about ourselves and our teammates.