Wildcat Staff Shout Outs

This form will be used to recognize Wheeler staff that go above and beyond. Please take a moment to share why they shine and I will be sure to recognize their efforts. This link will move the the bottom of the Growler in the future, but will always be available!

19-20 Class Lists & Student Placement

Soon Wheeler will begin the process of creating class lists for the 2019-2020 school year. When we create class lists, our primary objective is to provide positive experiences for all students. We work to create balanced classrooms that address different personalities, abilities, special needs, learning styles, peer relations and balance boys, girls, etc. We are also entering a season of change where we will be adding a classroom section and wishing others the best as they embark on new adventures (more info to come).

Our teachers spend a great deal of time creating class lists. A variety of school personnel (specialists, counselors, interventionists, etc.) are asked to provide input when appropriate. The teachers know the children in the school environment and have unique insights into their social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs. In short we feel we have a strong system in place for determining placements.

While I do not accept specific teacher requests -we do want to provide parents with an opportunity to communicate any special needs and considerations. Please do not feel obligated to send us information unless you feel it will enhance our ability to make the best placement for your child. However, if you do choose to offer input please do so by sending me an email (clmanzitto@mpsomaha.org) or letter by March 15th stating the requested considerations. I will then review the information and send available dates/time of in-person meeting options prior to April.

PTA Information

Save the Date_What Does PTA Do.PDF

teacher appreciation 2019.pdf


If desired, please feel free to save or print. If you have any questions about the directory please send them to the PTA at misty64656@gmail.com (Misty Richardson)

Destination Imagination Monday Munchies

Monday Munchies are back! If you would like to buy a treat after school on Monday, bring 50 cents per treat. We will plan to sell treats to support Destination Imagination in the front lobby and by the back door Mondays after school! Thanks for your support.

Student Council

Thank you, Wheeler Community and Staff for your food donations to Project Hope. They truly appreciate our kindness.

-Student Council

Forms & Fliers

Spanish Day Camp Flyer.pdf

Lunch @ Wheeler

Meal Prices 2018-2019

Breakfast $1.45

Lunch $2.65

Milk $0.45

Grab N Go Breakfast is served everyday from 8:15-8:25

For more information, visit the district foodservice website at:


School Information

Watch D.O.G.S.

Wheeler Watch D.O.G.S. 18-19

MPS Brochures & Documents

2018-2019 Assessment Brochure

_English 2018-19.pdf

2018-2019 Student Code of Conduct

2018-19 Student Handbook Insert.pdf

2018-2019 Parent/Student Handbook

2018-2019 Parent Student Handbook 2018-2019.pdf