Message From Dr. Manzitto & Staff

October is almost here and there are lots of events throughout this month. Please mark your calendars for the following:

  • Parent Teacher Conferences- Thursday, October 10th- Tuesday, October 15th- Wednesday, October 16th
  • Fall Break- No School October 16th-18th
  • Report Cards Go Home- At Conferences
  • PTA- Trunk N Treat- October 28th 6-7pm
  • PTA Halloween Parties & School Parade- Thursday, October 31st *Parade (Weather Dependent) @ 2:15pm *Classroom Parties 2:45PM
    • Millard Public Schools District Rule 5740.1 and requiring pre-registration for all visitors attending the parties. The Halloween party signup will be included in this Growler, classroom newsletters, and will include a deadline of Friday, October 25th. The Wheeler staff will use the information from the sign up and follow MPS safety procedures to facilitate checking guests in prior to the 31st. We will the be organizing pre-made name tags for family members that are wanting to come into Wheeler after the parade to help with classroom parties. You do not need to register via the link if you are only coming to watch the parade outside.

We are looking forward to a great month of school! For more information about these events, please read through this week's and future newsletters.


Dr. Courtney Manzitto


Want To Be A Guest @Wheeler on Halloween?

CLICK HERE to Pre-Register Below By Friday, October 25th

If you are attending only the parade, there is no need to register. If you plan to enter the school at 2:45 to join the party, we ask that you pre-register so we can have your pre-check-in complete upon arrival.

Conference Signup

Pick-A-Time Online Conference Signup

DI- Parent Meeting

Destination Imagination.pdf

2019 Engagement Survey

Millard families,

Your opinion matters. Millard Public Schools seeks to have engaged stakeholders to meet its mission. Strategy 1.2 (2018) calls for a survey to determine engagement of all stakeholders (students, families, staff, and community). Please take 10 minutes to provide us your candid input. Your answers will be anonymous. If you have students in multiple buildings, you will receive this survey link for each building and can provide specific input. The survey window will remain open through today, September 27th.

Click the following link to complete the survey. If the link does not work, please try copying and pasting it into your browser.

Wildcat Staff Shout Outs

This form will be used to recognize Wheeler staff that go above and beyond. Please take a moment to share why they shine and I will be sure to recognize their efforts. This link will move the the bottom of the Growler in the future, but will always be available!

Millard Public Schools Visitor Verification

All school visits are subject to the approval by the building principal in accordance with District Rule 5740.1. The following procedures shall be enforced by school administration:

  1. Visitors must be verified through a form of personal identification or verification of student demographic information.
  2. Visitors must sign in to the visitor’s log (Name, Phone, Arrival Time and Reason for Visit) prior to being issued a MPS visitors badge.
  3. Visitors must wear their issued visitor badge at all times and return the badge upon departure.
  4. Visitor badges must not be accessible by the general public and must be accounted for at all times. If a badge is not returned, school personnel must call the last person to be issued the badge and ask that it be returned immediately.

School Day Programs (i.e. musicals, plays, holiday events)

  1. Pre-registration for the event is required if visitors will have direct student contact (i.e. classroom holiday party).
  2. If the visitors will not have direct student access, pre-registration is not required (i.e. concert in the gym).
  3. Use of a visitor sign-in log.
  4. Prearranged name tags for pre-registered guests.
  5. Anyone who did not pre-register must be verified through a form of personal identification or verification of student demographic information.

Lunch @ Wheeler

Meal Prices 2019-2020

Breakfast: $1.45

Lunch: $2.75

Milk: $0.50

Grab N' Go Breakfast is served everyday from 8:15-8:25

For more information, visit the district food service website at:

Elementary_OCT LUNCH_tcm755-80065.pdf


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Yearbook Information

19-20 PTA Yearbook

Forms & Fliers

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_English Assessment Brochure 19-20.pdf

19-20 Assessment Brochure

2019-2020 Parent Student Handbook

K-5 Parent/Student District Handbook

2019-20 Student Handbook Insert.doc

MPS Code of Conduct