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Math Anxiety

Have you ever taken a test and somehow just blanked? When it comes to math, some just consider this phenomena a side effect of not being a ‘math person’. Jo Boaler, Stanford professor of math education says “There’s no such thing as a math brain." In fact, the very thought of not being a ‘math person’ will reduce the working memory in our brain. Orly Rubinsten explores the current research and suggests ways to increase math performance. Please visit my TED-ED lesson; Why do people get so anxious about math? by Orly Rubinsten. After viewing the video, I encourage you to click on Dig Deeper and Discuss for further information.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this. If you’re really not sure how to help your student with their math, here are some thoughts. Remove the language of not being a ‘math person’. This can create more math anxiety for your student. Model perseverance and use resources such as notes, textbook, or even searching on the Internet. Please check out my website where I am continue to add more resources for students, parents, and guardians.