Strategies are intended to close the strategic gap between our baseline data (where we are now)

and our mission (where we want to be).

Strategy #1: We will engage the Millard Educational Community to maximize resources in order to address our financial challenges and better achieve our mission and objectives.

  • Leverage strategic partnerships in order to create and maximize resources to meet our mission and objectives.
  • Enhance our communication to an expanded Millard Educational Community.

Strategy #2: We will develop and implement plans to differentiate and expand our instructional delivery systems to meet each student’s needs in a changing world.

  • Expand educational opportunities for students through virtual learning.
  • Maximize personalized learning to meet the diverse academic needs of all students.
  • Expand career and technical education and readiness opportunities to all students by increasing and utilizing partnerships with the education, business & industry community.
  • Engage in innovative practices to maximize learning for students and staff.

Strategy #3: In cooperation with family and community, we will address the behavioral and mental health needs of our students by implementing systematic practices that promote good character, positive social behavior, and responsible citizenship.

  • Expand on the systematic practices for mental health and behavioral supports.
  • Enhance alternative educational opportunities and support structures for students at risk of not being successful at school.