Parameters are established guidelines from which the District will operate. These guidelines are self-imposed regulations for our schools: things we will always do; things we will never do.

We will always operate safe, caring, and supportive environments to ensure student learning.

We will not tolerate any behavior that diminishes the self-worth of any student, staff member, or community member.

Nothing will take precedence over the pre-kindergarten through 12th grade education program.

No new program, course, and/or service will be added unless:

  • it meets a clearly demonstrated, mission-related need;
  • it survives a cost-benefit analysis;
  • its impact on other programs/courses/services is addressed;
  • adequate staffing, staff development, funding, and facilities are provided;
  • it contains an evaluation procedure.

No existing program, course, and/or service will be maintained unless it:

  • meets a clearly demonstrated, mission-related need;
  • survives a cost-benefit analysis and periodic evaluation.

District-wide performance on standardized achievement tests will always be above state and national averages.

We will always communicate effectively, both internally and externally, in order to implement our Strategic Plan, operate our schools, and maintain high levels of student, staff, family and community support.

We will attract, develop, and retain the highest quality staff dedicated to achieving our mission and objectives.

We will always expect each student to set and achieve challenging educational and career goals tailored to his/her abilities, interests, and aspirations.