What are eLearning Days?

  • eLearning Days are school days when teachers and students utilize technology and educational materials outside of a traditional classroom.

Why is Millard Public Schools using eLearning Days?

  • The goal of eLearning Days is to keep students learning even when the weather or other circumstances prevent students from attending school.

When will eLearning Days occur?

  • eLearning Days will occur on school days when it has been deemed necessary by the District to ensure that instructional goals and time requirements are met.

What are the benefits of eLearning Days?

  • eLearning Days prevent school days from being added to the end of the school year due to weather or other circumstances. eLearning Days also allow for the scope and sequence of the coursework to stay on track, minimizing disruptions to the learning process.

What are the student expectations during an eLearning Day?

  • Students are expected to complete assigned lessons and activities during an eLearning Day.

How will the District account for student attendance or participation on an eLearning Day?

  • Student attendance or participation in eLearning Days will be based upon completion of teacher assigned lessons and activities.

What if a student does not participate in or complete the lesson or activities during the eLearning Day?

  • Due to circumstances beyond the students’ control such as illness, no internet access, or no power, some students may not be able to participate in the eLearning. In some instances student non-participation may be a choice. In either instance students will be given two school days to complete and submit any missing eLearning Day assignments. If after two school days, eLearning Day assignments have not been submitted, teachers should treat eLearning Day assignments as they would any other missing assignment.

When will eLearning Day lessons and activities be communicated and made available?

  • Teachers will be expected to communicate and make lessons and activities available to students no later than 8:30 a.m on the eLearning Day.

How will eLearning Day lessons and activities be communicated and made available?

  • eLearning Day lessons and activities will be communicated by teachers through District Gmail or other District approved communication tools such as Google Classroom, Infinite Campus, and Seesaw.

How much time should each teacher plan for students to complete his/her elearning Day assignments and activities?

  • Teachers are asked to consider the time commitment of students with a full course load and keep the entire amount of time to complete all of the coursework for a full course load to 4 hours or less for secondary students and 2 hours or less for elementary students. The 4 hours at the secondary level would equate to 30 minutes per class on a traditional schedule and 60 minutes per class on a block schedule.

When will teachers be available to students (office hours) during eLearning Days?

  • Although teachers will not report to their school building, they will be available to students virtually (Gmail, Google Classroom) on eLearning Days during regular school hours.

What if a teacher has a planned absence or is ill on an eLearning Day?

  • If a teacher has a planned absence or is ill on an eLearning Day, every attempt should be made by the teacher to adjust the lesson plans and activities to an eLearning format. If the teacher is unable to participate in the eLearning Day with their classes, a supervisor must be notified and the appropriate absence will be entered into the employee’s leave bank.

Is an eLearning Day considered a contract day for staff?

  • Yes, if an eLearning Day is called, it will be considered a contract day for teachers along with administration and essential salaried personnel.

If I am a salaried staff member without an assigned class, what are my work expectations?

  • Direct supervisors will communicate job expectations for eLearning Days.

What are the educational expectations of eLearning Days?

  • Each principal will communicate expectations with their building's teaching staff and share District guidelines and suggestions.

Will there be Kids Network on eLearning days?

  • Yes, for students enrolled in the Kids Network program. The hours of operation will be 7:00am – 6:00pm at consolidated sites. Breakfast will be served around 8:30am. Students will be allowed to bring their devices on eLearning days.