MAP Growth Resources

2022-2023 Assessment Calendars

NOTE: There is a tab for each level.

2022-2023 Assessment Brochures:

MAP Growth is administered to all K - 9 students and additional select high school students to measure growth and achievement in Mathematics and Reading.

Specific Uses

  • Information provided on both student achievement and growth

  • Timely information to assist with additional support (enrichment & intervention)

  • Identify specific skills students are ready to work on

  • Course placement data & State Test Projections (including ACT)

  • Assistance with HAL screening

  • Goal Setting and Career planning -- (Ex. NWEA College Explorer website)

Science and Language Arts tests may also be given per building discretion (be sure to COMMUNICATE).

2022-2023 Implementation

  • Testing windows are included on the assessment calendar.

  • The intent of MAP Growth is for the classroom. This test is a classroom assessment, given by classroom teachers, for instructional purposes -- NOT for grades.

  • MAP Growth can be delivered on laptops, desktops and all iPads (NWEA MAP app).

The Purpose of MAP Growth

  • One way to guarantee students mastering of knowledge and skills to be college and career ready

  • Streamlines our assessment system (decreases time testing by 32%)

    • Eliminates assessment duplication

    • Meets Nebraska's testing requirements (Rule 10 -- 005.01B)

  • Timeliness of information

    • Scores and sub-scores are available upon submission

    • Additional information is available next day

  • Achievement and growth

    • Information provided on both student achievement and growth

  • Richer information

    • More specific skill level for individual students

    • Reports provide information regarding student college and career readiness

    • Reports provide information regarding being "on-track" for state test performance

  • Main focus on the classroom

    • Assists teachers with differentiation of instruction and small group instruction

    • Provides teachers where to start, where does misunderstanding originate, and how far back should teachers go with reteaching of prerequisite skills