Leadership & Learning Department Newsletter

February 2018

Volume 13 Issue 6

February 15 /19 - Building Staff Development/ Teacher Work Day (specific dates determined by building administrators)

February 19, 2018 - Hourly Staff Development (AM)

March 19, 2018 - Spring Orientation for New Salaried Staff

17-18 District Required Staff Development Flyers

* NOTE: The last opportunity for Hourly staff to attend a Face-to-Face session is February 19

De-Escalation * QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) * Tech Ethics *

Registration for optional Hourly Staff Development is still OPEN! Click here for an overview of the day and register ASAP before sessions fill!

Winter Orientation 2018 Short.mp4

Check out the video highlights from January 5th!

MPS Induction: Spring Orientation is March 19th

January 15, 2018 District Staff Development Highlights

Did you know?

~Over 180 facilitators led sessions for their peers

~29 different course topics

~125 sessions at 8 sites

~Over 6350 hours of Professional Development completed before noon!

Growing Our Professional Learning Network Through Twitter

Each month in the Leadership & Learning Newsletter, we will feature MPS staff members utilizing Twitter for professional learning. Twitter allows us to explore educational ideas and connect with educators around the world. Our featured staff members will provide suggestions on people or organizations to follow and ways to engage in professional learning experiences.

February’s featured staff members are Katie Wojtowicz, 3rd Grade teacher at Sandoz Elementary, Tassie Little, 8th Grade Mathematics teacher at Beadle Middle School and Dr. Jeffrey Kerns, Assistant Principal at Andersen Middle School.

Click Here for full article.

Instructional Practices - Strategies to Support Gradual Release of Responsibility

An indicator in the Millard Instructional Model states that:

Students are actively involved in the learning process through, whole group, small group, collaborative, and independent learning tasks.”

How might we as teachers ensure students are ACTIVELY INVOLVED? What might a COLLABORATIVE activity look like in the classroom? How do I plan for WHOLE GROUP and SMALL GROUP tasks?

Looking for new strategies to try? The strategies at this link (Strategies for Gradual Release) will assist as you plan for whole group, small group, and independent learning tasks.

Google Expeditions

Millard Public Schools is fortunate to have 5 Google Expedition Kits in the District for classroom use. Each kit contains equipment for 30 students. The kits have proven to be informative, engaging AND entertaining. For all the "how to's" please check out the MPS Google Expedition website. Sarah Valasek, Black Elk Elementary - IB-PYP Spanish teacher has written an inspiring review of how the use of Google Expedition has impacted her classroom.

Chasing Innovation

Travel with Casey Lundgren, host of Chasing Innovation, as he discovers Innovation in Jonathan Ringenberg's Computer Science class at North High School and in the Norris Elementary School 3rd grade classroom of Rachel Jensen and Marilyn Opitz. Along the way Casey solves the age-old issue of "Gif" or "Jif".

For the full interviews please visit the Chasing Innovation website.