Leadership & Learning Department Newsletter

April 2018

Volume 13 Issue 9

June 6, 2018 - Personal Professional Development: Focus on Engaging Instruction & Assessment*

June 8, 2018 - Personal Professional Development: Focus on Behavior*

*Optional Salaried Staff opportunities

The Leadership & Learning Department invites all returning MPS salaried staff members to attend Summer 2018 Personal Professional Development. These experiences are designed to provide participants with choices based on your interest in engaging instruction, assessment, and behavior practices. To learn more about these opportunities, please watch our Summer 2018 PPD Trailer.

Registration for these courses opens on April 2, 2018. Seating is limited, so register early to secure your spot. Register for your select-a-sessions in Better & Better. Participants will receive a stipend for completed course(s). Check out the flyer for course details.

Summertime Tech Open Forum

Casual and relaxing is what summertime is all about. These voluntary special summer offerings are just that! Summer Tech Open Forums are designed to complement your summertime learning. MPS Instructional Technology Support will be on hand to support you with your technical questions on the dates and times provided. Pop in-and-out anytime during the two-hour session, or plan to stay the entire time and work alongside MPS Instructional Tech Support on how to leverage and implement technology into your classroom. You can even join sitting on a beach or on a camping adventure with the virtual Webex option. These voluntary sessions are open to hourly and salaried staff.

Click here for all the details.

Don't Pick Up The Rope

by Heather Spessard-Schroer, Central Middle School

Don’t Pick Up the Rope - This phrase refers to the power struggle (the tug-of-war) that can happen when a teacher and student engage in an argument. Although we try our best to create a safe, (click here for full article)

Growing Our Professional Learning Network Through Twitter

Each month in the Leadership & Learning Newsletter, we will feature MPS staff members utilizing Twitter for professional learning. Twitter allows us to explore educational ideas and connect with educators around the world. Our featured staff members will provide suggestions on people or organizations to follow and ways to engage in professional learning experiences.

April’s featured staff members are Nichole Schwab, 8th Grade Science teacher at Russell Middle School, John Becker, Curriculum & Instruction MEP Facilitator, and Nate Seggerman, Assistant Principal at Russell Middle School.

Click Here for full article

Cultivating a Mindset of Creativity

Educators have discussed the importance of a growth mindset for a while now. The article linked here takes the conversation in the context of creativity and innovation.

Hourly Alcove: Invest In You!

There are two more opportunities for optional after school learning experiences. Check out the full descriptions linked to the image above.

Mentor-Mentee Release Time: Gone Fishin'

Video: 14 minutes

Neihardt, the final leg of Chasing Innovation!

Chasing Innovation is in the home stretch at Neihardt Elementary. We round the final bend in our adventure knowing that innovation is flourishing at Neihardt. Innovation at Neihardt comes in many forms - Genius Hour, new technology, flexible seating and creative lessons. Check out the video to the left for a sample of what Neihardt has to offer and visit the Chasing Innovation website for the complete interview.

Have you noticed anything different in your Google Doc Toolbar? Take a look - the Highlight tool is no longer buried under the Text formatting option! A lot of other changes are coming for the toolbars in the various Google apps - so you may need to hunt for your favorite! Want to stay informed of all the Google News? Check out these resources:

Updated information on Superintendent approved courses can be found here.

MPS staff members who are currently at the BA+36, MA+36, Specialist, or Doctorate level can receive approval for salary advancement by completing a course specifically approved by the Superintendent. These classes are part of the “approved” classes per the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Millard Public Schools and the Millard Education Association.

NETA 2018 Winners

The Leadership & Learning Department is happy to be sending Kelley Staber from Beadle Middle School and Kristin Tex-Lomax from Wheeler Elementary, to the Nebraska Educational Technology Association (NETA) annual conference on April 19, 2018. Kelley and Kristin were randomly selected after submitting their entry on the contest form shared on social media and in the March newsletter. Congratulations and Enjoy!

Watch next year's newsletter contest for your opportunity to win!

NETA 2018.mp4

The mission of the Millard Public Schools is to guarantee each student demonstrates the character, knowledge, and skills necessary for personal excellence and responsible citizenship through an innovative, world-class educational community that engages and challenges all students.


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Dr. Jim Sutfin, Superintendent