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December 6, 2019

KMS Mission Statement:

Kiewit Middle School, a collaborative community of families and educators, engages and challenges the whole child in a differentiated and positive learning environment through rigorous instructional practices. We guarantee the growth of each student by developing character, knowledge, and skills necessary for individual excellence and responsible citizenship in our global society.

From Mr. Smith, Dr. Hemphill and Ms. Meeker...

Marshall Smith - Principal and 6th Grade Administrator

Dr. David Hemphill - Assistant Principal and 8th Grade Administrator

Pat Meeker - Assistant Principal and 7th Grade Administrator

Hello KMS Community!

We hope that December finds everyone well!

We have LOTS of information in this edition of our Kiewit Community Connection. We have some specific information for our 8th grade parents and we start the transition process for high school. Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

We have included a link to the MPS District Inclement Weather Site for you. Please take a look at the website to ensure you have all the information families need.

Winter Break Information

December 20th - Last Day of School Before Winter Break

December 23rd - January 3rd - No School for Students - Winter Break

January 6th - Students Return to School

Finally, please take a look at our master calendar and athletic calendar for upcoming events happening in our building. Consider attending one of our wonderful events.

Please consider following us on Twitter @MPS_Kiewit or like us on Facebook at Peter Kiewit Middle School for all of our up-to-the-minute reports on games and events happening here at KMS!

If you have questions about anything included in the Community Connection, please contact us at 402-715-1470.

Thank you for allowing us to work with your student each day!


Marshall Smith

KMS Principal

KMS Colts Counselor Community Connection

Tristen Hook - 6th Grade Counselor

Ryandean Birge - 7th Grade Counselor

Lisa Meister - 8th Grade Counselor

Eighth grade parents check your US mail for a letter from the Millard Public Schools about programs and services available for our students in high school. There are several meeting dates in early January for parents and students to attend.

From phones and tablets to streaming movies and YouTube, tech and media are everywhere. Common Sense Media,, is a great resource for families to find information, family media contracts and tips on ways to keep media and tech in check.

Help Kids Balance Their Media Lives

Create screen-free times and zones.

Help tweens and teens take breaks from tech by limiting screen time in bedrooms,during study time, or at the dinner table. Consider carving out regular family time when screens are either put away or enjoyed together

Explore built-in digital well-being tools.

Together with your kids, check out the features on their devices in their apps that can help them use tech more intentionally. Consider turning off autoplay functions, limiting notifications from certain apps, using settings that turn off devices at a certain time each night, and more.

Model the behavior you want to see.

Tweens and teens learn more from watching adult behavior than listening to lectures.Consider how you use your devices and other media, and make changes if your use doesn’t follow your expectations for your kids.

Help kids identify healthy behaviors.

Ask kids to notice their feelings, both physical and emotional, during screen and non-screen activities. Does their heart rate increase when their phone vibrates? Does their self-esteem dip after viewing a friend’s Instagram feed? Do they feel good when they get positive feedback on a post? Encourage kids to keep the constructive activities and let go of the rest.

Understand how tech companies make money.

Along with your tween and teen, research how digital devices, social media platforms, apps and games get paid. Do they sell ads? Do they sell kid

S data? Discuss why companies might want kids to spend more time on their platforms and what tricks they use to keep their attention.

Source: https//

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Nebraska 8th Grade All-State Band

Congratulations to Adithi Deeduvanu for being selected the 8th Grade All-State Band! The Nebraska State Bandmaster's Association will host this annual event on Saturday January 18, 2020 in Kearney NE. Aditihi was one of eight flute players selected from across the state for this honor. The event concludes with a concert for the public at 4:00 in the Kearney High School Concert Hall. The band will be directed by this year's clinician Dr. Karen Fannin from the University of Nebraska Omaha.

Attendance Phone Number: 402-715-1470

If your student is going to be absent for the day, or any part of the day, please contact the office as soon as possible to let us know. You may also send an e-mail to

Without notification to the office, absences will be coded "Unexcused - no call from parent”. Multiple unexcused absences could lead to the involvement of the county attorney per district policy.

If you need to fax a doctor or dental note, our fax number is 402-715-1490. Please send it to "Attention Kali".

Homework requests should be directed to your child's teachers via e-mail. The Staff Directory is located under the Parent tab at the top of the website. Homework can also be found under the Homework tab, also located on top of the web page.

A Celebration of Perfect Attendance!!

Each Hexter we recognize students that have had perfect attendance for that hexter. We put all their names in a drawing and select five students from each grade level to receive a prize for their positive attendance to school!

Hexter 1 - We had 327 students that didn't miss a day of Hexter 1.

Hexter 2 - We had 340 students that didn't miss a day of Hexter 2.

As of today we have 119 students that have not missed one day of school for the 2019-2020 school year!!!

Kiewit Showcase

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Devney-Hankins

6A Science and HAL Challenge Teacher

Ms. Devney-Hankins is one of our outstanding 6th Grade teachers! Check out the video to take a look into her classroom.

Devney November Teacher Spotlight.mp4
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