Holling Heights HAL Program

Welcome to Holling Heights HAL Program Website. Below is an introduction video to what HAL at Holling Heights will be for 2020-2021 school year. Hover over the video and click to view.

Holling Heights HAL Introduction 2020-2021.mov


In the continuing pursuit of educational excellence, the Millard Public Schools will recognize and develop the unique talents and diverse qualities of students with high academic, intellectual, creative, and/or artistic ability so that each child will be challenged to achieve his or her full potential. This will be accomplished through a partnership of students, home, school and community, clearly defined criteria for identification and curriculum development and measurable standards of student performance, and broad-based and diverse educational opportunities.


The goal of the HAL Program is to provide appropriately challenging educational experiences that will encourage students to learn, to challenge themselves, and to contribute positively to society. The program is designed for the development of a healthy self-concept, an understanding of human diversity, and the life skills necessary for personal success and responsible living.