Fall Orientation


Welcome 2018-2019 Induction Cohort

We are excited that you are joining our MPS team!

Fall Orientation is an opportunity for you to meet new people and become acquainted with all things "Millard."

All new salaried staff will start their day at Millard South High School on Thursday, August 2, 2018. Breakfast will be served beginning at 7:30AM. The day will be spent connecting with your mentor, learning from teacher leaders, and examining the Millard Instructional Model (MIM).

Please carefully review this website for details about all the Orientation days (August 2, 3, and 6). Click the tabs at the top of the page for a "daily digest" of information. The drop-down tab under each day provides a quick overview.

Personalized schedules for a specific demographic (e.g. PK-5 Vocal Music, 6-8 Science) are located under the Schedule Details tab. For a quick tutorial on how to personalize your schedule, please review the video below.

FO2017 Tutorial.mp4