Unit 3

The Economy


Chapter 3 - Pricing and The Economy

You probably have heard the terms supply and demand, but what is supply and demand anyway? And why was the price of coffee 5 cents in the 1930s, but 5 bucks today? How do businesses even set their prices? In Chapter 3 we take a look at businesses, pricing, and the economy.

Virtual Business - Retailing

Ever want to own your own business? In Virtual Business Retailing you take control of a new neighborhood convenience store. You hire staff, buy inventory, price items, and set up advertising to try and make the most money and beat out the competition!


Chapter 4 - Budgeting

In Chapter 4 we review how to create a budget. A budget is a great tool to help you keep track of money coming in and money going out. Using software like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, you can easily add up expenses and watch your money grow!

Technology Corner

Google Slides

Using Google Slides you can create presentations for your projects complete with images, animations, and even interactivity!