Unit 2

Getting Paid


Paychecks and Deductions

There's nothing like getting your first paycheck....and then realizing that it's a lot smaller than you thought it would be! In this section you will be learning about gross pay vs. net pay, and the government programs that those deductions help support.

Virtual Business - Personal Finance

Soon it will be time to strike out on your own, get a job, get your own apartment, maybe even enroll in some more schooling. With Virtual Business Personal Finance you practice living and working on your own. Make sure you watch your health as well as your finances though, if not it may be Game Over!


Chapter 2 - Sources of Income

There's more than one way to get paid. Not only can you get paid at different rates, you can get tips for great work, commission for your sales, and benefits like vacation time (which aren't really money but sure are sweet when you're laying on the beach in the summer!) There's even unearned income like gifts and lottery winnings, all of which we review in chapter 2.

Technology Corner

Google Sheets

With Google Sheets you can create spreadsheets that track data, allow you to create charts, and even automatically do math for you!