Unit 5



Module 2 - Borrowing

One of the most important topics in financial literacy is how to borrow money safely. There are many credit and loan options out there, but each have risks that may not be immediately obvious!


NerdWallet is a great resource for all sorts of financial information including comparing credit cards. Credit cards all have different interest rates, benefits, and drawbacks, it's important to find the one right for you.



Chapter 8 - Credit and Loans

One day you will want to buy a car, and after that a house, maybe even a boat or an RV! But what do all of these things have in common? Well, they're expensive! Most likely you will need to take out a loan. But how do loans work, and what can I do if I get stuck with a bad one?

Technology Corner

Google Forms

The new Google Forms is a great tool to survey your fellow classmates, create a quiz for them, or just organize feedback. Google takes the data and turns it into charts and can even automatically grade quizzes for you!