Unit 1



Making Choices With Your Money

What's a need? What's a want? When I buy a movie ticket, what am I losing out on? In Unit 1 we take a look at what the things you value are, and how that determines what you spend your money on, how you make choices when you have a dollar in your pocket, and how to set goals that are SMART.

What Career Is Right For You?

Over at The Princeton Review you can take a quick career quiz and find out what career you would love the most!

Chapter 1 - Jobs and Careers

Everyone knows that going to college is a popular option for high school grads, but does the career you want require a college degree? If so, how much will it cost and how will you pay for it? In Chapter 1 of Personal Financial Literacy Joan Ryan presents everything you need to know about pursuing a career.


Technology Corner

Google Docs

Google has a ton of free, cloud based office software available for use by staff and students. Google docs is a word processor program that can be handy for writing papers or taking notes.