MHS Digital Design

"Digital Design is not just your ordinary class. It gives you a look into careers in Design, knowledge of Adobe Design products, and prepares you for the working world. I can start my own business and know how to create a business plan, design my logo, business card, and so much more. It will make me money and save me money in the future."

-Emmanuel Rodriguez, Digital Design 2

Principles of Design - Dylan Permuy

Digital Design @ MHS

Want to learn how to use Adobe Products? Need to market yourself to colleges, employers, or start your own small business? Ever want to learn how to design your own publications?

Digital Design @ MHS is definitely for you!

At MHS we offer 3 sections of Digital Design. Learn how to create logos, menus, business cards and much more using Adobe Illustrator. Learn how to edit photos, add effects, and create GIF files in Adobe Photoshop. Learn how to create publications such as Newspapers, Magazines/Books, and Brochures in Adobe InDesign.

In Digital Design you will have to meet real world deadlines, work cooperatively, create business plans, and use PBL (Project Based Learning) to simulate real world job experiences.

In Digital Design you will have experience running a school promoted business, run fundraisers, and participate in school functions.

You will learn about Design Careers, create a portfolio and resume, and also a personal design website to promote yourself. Listen to speakers that have jobs in Art and Design and be inspired!

Browse around this site to see if Digital Design at MHS is for YOU!

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