Mr. Peterson

Visual Arts Teacher

In anticipation of my first year at North Community High School, I have been preparing a “bussin” year as the Visual Arts Teacher for 2019-2020. I will be teaching Painting 1, Drawing 1&2, Art Design and AP Art. The opportunity to be working with a highly supportive staff and especially with a uniquely talented student body will prove to be memorable. This will be my 5th year of teaching Visual Arts in the district. I have a passion for Art and sharing the freedom of expression through various mediums and styles within the context of Art History.

I grew up in a small dairy community in Rice Lake, Wisconsin where I appreciated a country life based around living from the land and working hard in the fields. I finished High School there and went to earn my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics and Painting-Drawing with a minor in Art History at UW-Milwaukee. I pursued two of my spiritual dreams in being a part of two church teams as a missionary for the gospel in both near my hometown and my father’s hometown. My faith walk has helped shape my direction and character that taught me a lot about life. After working some side jobs to provide for my family like: 2 newspaper routes, telemarketing, UPS and FedEx route drivers, I was able to pursue a combined Masters of Instruction and MN teaching licensure degree from St. Mary's University (Mpls). I have had a plethora of experiences from life to incorporate into my practice.

My wife Claudia and I have been married since 2012. We have an adorable little boy, Princeton (Prince). We enjoy thrifting and antiquing. I am also passionate about my own artistry and have been building my portfolio for future gallery shows. My professional website is When not teaching art, I am teaching at my local church fellowship while studying Judeo-Christian theology.

Mr. Peterson's Fall Semester 2019 Schedule

1st Hour: Advanced Placement -

2nd Hour: Prep

3rd Hour: Painting 1

4th Hour: Painting 1

5th Hour: Drawing 1

6th Hour: Advisory

7th Hour: Drawing 1

Mr. Peterson's Spring Semester 2019 Schedule

1st Hour: Advanced Placement

2nd Hour: Prep

3rd Hour: Art Design

4th Hour: Art Design

5th Hour: Art Design

6th Hour: Advisory

7th Hour: Drawing 2