You may either record the number of pages you have read or the number of minutes you have spent reading . Either is acceptable.

One minute of reading = 1 page.

Record reading done for pleasure, not class. (only exception is books teachers are asking you to read for free time)

Audio books count. Look up the book on or for the number of pages.

When reading graphic novels, poetry, magazines or other highly visual works, do not record them the same as other books. One page of a Garfield comic book is not the same as reading a page in a standard book. There are two choices for recording these types of books. One, record the amount of time read and count one page for every minute of reading. Alternately, you can use a 1:4 ratio: record one page for every four pages read.

Reading must be done in the month of February. If you finish a book that you started in January, only record the pages you read in February.