Pickup at Southwest High School

As we move to transition to make Southwest safer for our students and support the metro bus drivers during the dismissal hour. In order to better serve the almost 2000 students that may be exiting the building at 3:00 pm daily; we are implementing a new pick up procedure for Southwest High School starting in effect after winter break 1/6/20. Traffic control during high traffic pick up time is from 2:50 pm - 3:15 pm and will look like this:

  • Students will need to exit the building and walk down to Abbott Avenue or 46th street for pick up.
  • Drivers should arrive by following the yellow highlighted route to pick up students on Abbott (Green pick up area) or 46th Street (Green pick up area).
  • Drivers are to exit following the yellow highlighted route on 47th or 46th Avenue. Drivers should avoid the red restricted area for the safety of our students. This also allows the buses safe passage to the designated pick up areas around 47th street and Chowen avenue in a timely manner.

If you are interested in volunteering with the school to help traffic flow regulation, please contact our Family Liaison, Ms. Beulah Hill at 612-668-3124 and she will guide you to the process of becoming a volunteer for the transit volunteer position.

Map of School with Traffic Flow After School hours 2 - 3:15