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Technology TEACHER

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School Fax: (612) 668-1770

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Mr. Kraimer - Technology, Radio Teacher

Hi, my name is Mr. Kraimer. I am the Career & Technical Education (CTE) Creative Media Production teacher at North Community High School. I came to North at the start of the 2015-16 school year. I bring with me nearly 20 years of experience in the Broadcast industry and 10 years of teaching radio and creative media to college students.

I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I have three brothers, no sisters, and have always been a Packers and Twins fan. If it helps, I have one brother who is a Vikings fan, but we don't hold that against him. :) I have two boys, one in high school and one in middle school. The high schooler is into music, band and choir, and just a little online gaming. My middle schooler plays trumpet in the middle school band and lots and lots of soccer.

I look forward to working with all the students at North and hope you look forward to hearing them on the air on Jazz 88 (listen here) as they get comfortable with Jazz with Class.

Career & Technical Education (CTE) is a GREAT career pathway. You can click here to find out more.


Winona State University
Capella University

BA Mass Communication: Broadcasting

Winona State University

MS in Education: Leadership in Higher Education

Capella University


Transferable Skills

Skills used in this career that are also used in other careers.
  • Adjusting controls on machines

  • Amusing and entertaining audiences

  • Giving information on events and procedures

  • Interviewing people to obtain information

  • Working as a member of a journalism team

  • Writing and reporting on news events

  • Writing ideas

Basic Skills

  • Reading comprehension

  • Active listening

  • Writing

  • Speaking

  • Critical thinking

  • Active learning

  • Monitoring

Workplace Skills

Skills are practiced activities that help people become successful in all kinds of careers.
  • Complex problem solving

  • Coordination

  • Judgment and decision making

  • Social perceptiveness

  • Time management

(Skills from CFNC)