Ms. Aram

North High Librarian


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Note from Ms. Aram:

Hi students - I miss you!

Please know you can reach out to me with questions or just to check in. I will use this page to give you updates on the library. Look below for updates on:

  • How to request textbooks or books for pleasure reading

  • Directions to see your library book check out record

  • Digital books and audiobooks ready for check out from home

Request a book for pleasure

  • Ms. Aram will email you when the book is ready for pick up in the office!

Student Directions to Check Your Library Record.webm

Check your Library Record

Watch the video on the left for step by step directions to see YOUR library check out records.

Email Ms. Aram with any questions

eBooks and Audiobooks

What is the difference?

  • ebooks - books you READ from your phone or device

  • audiobooks - you LISTEN from your phone or device!

How do I find and check out?

Technical difficulties

  • If you have ANY technical difficulties PLEASE reach out so I can help and then clarify my directions. I want to make this as user friendly as possible for YOU. Email me at or call me at 612-910-9362.

Digital Tutoring & Support

When: by appointment

How: email me at and we can set up a digital appointment

Reasons to make an appointment: math questions, science questions, quick questions, long questions, life questions, writing questions, research questions, boredom, wanting help staying on task, inspiration, tell a joke, hear a joke, discuss a good book or more.....