Mr. Mosiori's Chemistry Class

Chemistry – Syllabus / Course Outline

Grades 11&12

North High School

Robert Mosiori Room 160 612.668.1700

OFFICE HOURS: 3:30-4:30pm – Tue &Thur or by appointment

Course Description:

The Chemistry class at North High School is a full year course constituting of a series of theory-based chemistry content and concepts with a set of inquiry-based laboratory experiences.This is done through Scientific and Engineering practices and processes of making observations, hypothesis development and testing, experimentation, data analysis, synthesis, making conclusions, generalizations and applications. Our young scientists are encouraged to keep developing their inquiry-based study skills to enable them grow to become established scientists. We would primarily be looking into the atomic theory, the periodic table, chemical reactions, equations and accompanying changes, and close with basic fundamentals of nuclear chemistry.

Semester 1

1. General introduction to the study of chemistry.

2. Atomic theory and the periodic table.

3. Chemical relationships, quantities and reactions.

Semester 2

4. Stoichiometry, types of chemical reactions and associated changes.

5. Solutions, acids, bases, kinetics and equilibrium.

6. Nuclear Chemistry.

Assessment and Grading:

The standard Minneapolis Public Schools grading scale here shown:

A = 100 – 93%

A- = 90 – 92%

B+ = 87 – 89%

B = 83 – 86%

B- = 82 – 80%

C+ = 77 – 79%

C = 73 – 76%

C- = 70 – 72%

D+ = 67 – 69%

D = 63 – 66%

D- = 62 – 60%

Does not meet learning target proficiency = Below 60%

Grades and Student Progress should be monitored through Student Portal

Grades will be determined from the following types of assessments:

1. Active Work Points – Daily participation, Chemistry notebook(Binder/Folder) and labs

2. Formative Assessments – Warm ups, summaries, homework, lab reports

3. Weekly Summative Assessments - Quizzes and or Projects

4. QCSA (Quarterly Common Summative assessment)

Grade and Score Distribution Sources:

1. Class work and daily participation points.

2. Lab work lab reports and projects.

3. Quizzes and other Summative assessments.

About Mr. Mosiori

My name is Mr. Mosiori, Pronounced as “Mo-ssi-ou-ree”, a father of a daughter and two sons. I was 1st licensed to teach chemistry in Minnesota about 12 years ago but spent many of the years thereafter, in the semiconductor industry laboratories due to the excitement of wanting to be part of the ‘magic' of chemistry in the real world. Somewhere along that road , I went back to school and graduated with a graduate degree in mechanical engineering with a bias in design to production transition of advanced products (mainly polymers). This would be my 2nd year teaching with Minneapolis public schools and as a polar.

Mr. Mosiori.