Misión: Estudiantes bilingües liderando el camino para un futuro más equitativo.

MPS Dual Language Principals are back and excited to welcome a new year full of love, laughter, language and learning!

Nuestros valores:

Ser bilingüe y biletrado



Alto rendimiento académico

Centrado en el estudiante

Bienvenidos | Welcome

Estamos emocionados de tenerle aquí para aprender más sobre nuestros programas bilingües en las escuela públicas de Minneapolis. Estamos orgullosos de ofrecer un programa bilingüe PK-12 en español. En este sitio web, encontrará páginas con información sobre nuestras escuela, información sobre los modelos de los programas, fechas y eventos importantes, videos para familias, y más.

We are so excited you are here to learn more about our MPS dual language program. MPS is proud to offer a Spanish Dual Language program for grades PK-12. Take a look around this website to learn more about what our schools and programs have to offer. You will find pages for each school, information about our program model, important & upcoming dates, videos for parents, and more.

MPS Dual Language Mission & Values

Bilingual learners leading the way for an equitable future.

Bilingualism & Biliteracy



High Academic Achievement


Meet the Multilingual Department!

In the Multilingual Department, our role is to create systems and structures at the district level to support our dual language programs. Everything from curriculum and instruction to advocacy within the student placement process, we work to ensure students, families, caregivers, and schools in our dual language programs have what they need to be successful. Learn more about our team below and don't hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, and feedback.

Muhidin Warfa

Executive Director


How has being bilingual impacted your life?

I have been multilingual, speaking three languages from an early age and love the ability to think and function in several languages.

What education have you received that has prepared you for this role?

Being Multilingual has provided me opportunities to interact and build relationships with people from various cultures and languages.

Why do you love our MPS dual language programs?

I love that we have several schools in MPS that have dual language learning that offers many opportunities for families to choose from and provides students opportunities to learn from many dedicated and diverse dual language teachers.

Kate McNulty



How has being bilingual impacted your life?

Unlike my esteemed colleagues within Multilingual and our Dual Language sites, I would categorize myself as an emergent bilingual; someone who is at the beginning stages of her slow and steady bilingual journey. Of my experiences, I have come to admire the strength, determination and perseverance it takes to become fully bilingual not only in language but also in navigating cultural systems and structures that are different from your own.

What education have you received that has prepared you for this role?

It is hard to name just one! For me personally, I think about my family. I come from a family of teachers, rooted in values of education and service. As kids, we were always asked, “What can you do to make it better?”

Why do you love our MPS dual language programs?

I love our MPS Dual Language programs because they embody cultural and linguistic sustainability. The energy, dedication, and talent within our MPS community is vast and their possibilities are truly endless.

Corina Pastrana

District Program Facilitator, 6-12 Dual Language Programming


How has being bilingual impacted your life?

Bilingualism is an additive approach. Additive bilingualism is when we give students the opportunity to develop their first language while they’re learning an additional language. Being a language learner has given me the opportunity to experience first-hand the process of learning another language. During my professional career as a teacher of over 20 years, I was able to relate and connect with students based on my own experience. I can say with certainty that my previous linguistic experiences in my native language have helped me to acquire language at a rapid pace as an adult.

Bilingualism has contributed not only to my professional but also to my personal growth alike. It has opened my eyes to a plethora of cross linguistic and cultural connections that has prompted my understanding of the struggles emerging bilinguals face in a system not entirely made for them but in which they are expected to succeed. I am living proof that bilingual programing, differentiation and inclusion works in Education.

What education have you received that has prepared you for this role?

Teaching in a dual language classroom as well as having formal training has been key during the implementation of my practice as a bilingual educator and a leader in a dual language program.

I have proudly served minority and majority language students in their journey through language acquisition working. I have collaborated in the creation, launching and implementation of one of the first one-way immersion programs in a metro area suburb.

I have also served in an established K-8 dual immersion program in Minneapolis public schools for 13 years. My passion for bilingual education inspired me to complete a certification and a M. Ed in Curriculum Instruction in Dual language and Immersion Education from the University of Minnesota to be able combine my knowledge with the latest research from experienced scholars on Bilingual Dual Language Education and help others to implement additive and inclusive pedagogies into their practice.

Why do you love our MPS dual language programs?

What I love about our programs is that we are not teaching students to be bilingual, but we are teaching bilingual children how to preserve and enhance their native language.