Resource Room 107

Lake Harriet Upper Campus

Rachel Ortiz Special Education Resource Teacher
We are not all the same; we do not all have the same kinds of minds; education works most effectively for most individuals if these differences are taken into account rather than denied or ignored. - Howard E. Gardner

About Ms. Ortiz

Ms. Ortiz is a Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT) at Lake Harriet Upper Campus. She provides support to students with an Individual Education Program (IEP) in grades 4th - 7th.

Contact Information #: 107Immediate contact: 612-668-3310 RM 107 Wish List 2019/20
Hi! My name is Rachel Ortiz. I hold a Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota, College of Education/Human Development - Special Education. I have a license in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and completing my license in Academic Behavioral Strategist (ABS) Fall 2019. I have been teaching within Minneapolis Public Schools in a variety of capacities for 12 years across grade levels and classroom settings.
The Special Education Resource Teacher and support staff provide assistance and support to students in the areas of academic readiness, academics, functional academics, communication skills, and social emotional/behavior skills throughout the school day. Students may also receive related services such as Speech/Language, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Developmental Adapted Physical Education, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Orientation and Mobility, Vision and Nursing based on individual student needs. An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is written for each student to address her/his specific needs. The IEP team, including the student's parent(s), meet on an annual basis to develop a personalized education plan for the student. Adaptations or modifications to the general education curriculum are made and alternative curriculum is provided as needed. This amount of support offers support to the student's disability areas while facilitating positive, inclusive peer interaction in the mainstream classroom environment.
Students who receive resource level special education services have disability designations that include Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Developmental Delay (DD), Emotional Behavioral Disorder (EBD), Other Health Disability (OHD), Physically Impaired (PI) Specific Learning Disability (SLD), and Students Needing Alternative Programming (SNAP). Students are provided with instruction and support designed to meet their individual needs which may include reading, writing, math, work completion, organization, self-advocacy, social skills, and/or self-regulation.
My personal philosophy of education is to support each of my students in their continual development that will then translate into their becoming informed, accomplished, and self-confident students that are capable of succeeding in their daily efforts, personally, within their families, and in the community.
I view teaching as a great privilege and a way to uphold and echo honesty, fairness, determination, consideration, and respect. Having the ability and/or skill to project a way to communicate the truth, making amends with others, inspiring those to take on challenges, thinking of how others may feel, and being generous with kindness and effort encompasses what teaching embodies.

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