Dr.   Alexander Boyer

Google Classroom is an interface sometimes used to connect with online components of my classes and get information.  Students login in with school Gmail. 

Dr. Alexander Boyer



Daily 7:00-8:00 AM

1:45-4:00 PM

Daily Class Schedule:

A Days:

High School Foundations  1A 8;30-9:50

Independent Living  3A   12:20-1:40

B Days:

Consumer Math: 1B  8:30-9;50 

Advisory 2B 9:55-11:30

Independent Living 3B 12:20-1:40



I have taught in the Citywide Autism Program in Minneapolis for 28 years.  I have experience in academics, employment preparation, and independent living skills instruction at elementary, middle, and high school levels.  I have a BA from Carleton College, a Master's Degree, and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Minnesota.  I hold several special education teaching licenses including the Autism License.  I hold a National Special Education Certification.  I am currently Lead Teacher the Autism Department.