Cathy's Corner

Hi all of my dear children, parents, and families:

How is everyone doing?

I love you all and I am proud of you !

I miss you and I am hoping that we will all be together again soon.

I created this website so that we can be together and can continue to learn and have fun together. I will continue to add stories and learning actives to this website for you so that you can be happy and learning.

In peace and love, - Cathy

Here Is What I've Created Just For You

Storytime: This is where you will find videos of me reading some of our favorite stories and new stories. I will also include links to great stories read by others.

Antarctica: Here you will find nonfiction stories to help you keep on learning about Antarctica and some fiction stories as well. I will also include videos and lessons about penguins and other animals that live in Antarctica.

Other Resources: Here you will find other learning resources and websites that I like to help keep you learning and happy.

Newsletters: Dear Parents this is where I will keep publishing newsletters to keep you informed and information to help guide your child's learning and to what is new on the website.