Physical Education

Welcome to the Burrough Community School Physical Education website!

Our goal as a Physical Education department is to provide “Knowledge and use of lifetime skills, health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, individual and team related principles and activities.”

There are four overriding concerns when approaching each facet of subject matter: SAFETY, challenging each individual’s PERSONAL BEST, CHARACTER BUILDING and having FUN.

We emphasize outdoor play, recreation, fitness and adventure. The Burroughs surrounding neighborhood is unique in that it affords students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of lifetime activities. Burroughs School acts as a base camp for many outdoor excursions that branch out in all directions.

Burroughs PE Winter Activities Recap

Greetings everyone from the frozen tundra of South Minneapolis here at Burroughs! The past month Burroughs students participated in a variety of winter activities. Activities included: Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Sledding, Downhill Skiing (4th and 5th), and Ice Skating (ice hockey, figure skating, boot hockey, boot soccer and free skating).

These activities would not have been possible without the support of all of our awesome Burroughs volunteers. Please do not underestimate how important you are when it comes to helping with these events and outings! It truly is a community effort to get those students ready for as much time outside as possible. We are very thankful for all that helped this year and we would like to strongly encourage you to come out next year and invite other volunteers to join you! Another special special thank you goes out to all classroom teachers for preparing our students for success, by having them dress for success in their winter ware before coming to physical education class.

The weather was very cooperative this year and we surely benefited from an old fashioned, snow-filled winter time! Many students new to Burroughs had never experienced some of our adventures and were thrilled to be a part of the fun! Many skills were newly learned or reinforced and a great experience was had by all participants. These Burroughs Go-Getters know to take advantage of a great traditional Minnesota Winter.

Thanks again for all of your support to make this a positive experience for all of our Burroughs students!

-Mr. Hill and Mr. Kramka

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