Blast Day

BLAST Day – December 20th 2019


This year BLAST Day (Be Loving and Sharing Together) will once again be centered around service and giving back to the community in Minneapolis.

We have selected multiple local food shelves and Simpson House as our groups to support this year and will be conducting a non-perishable food drive as a school to support a local food shelves and a toiletry drive to support Simpson House.

What is BLAST Day?

On BLAST Day students will have the opportunity to sign up to volunteer in their community. These opportunities range from shifts at Feed My Starving Children, collecting and sorting food drive donations, to helping out at local/neighborhood feeder schools through reading and in classroom activities.

The bell schedule for BLAST Day will be adjusted to accommodate workshops and in school volunteer opportunities. Teachers will have the opportunity to sign up to assist at out of school organizations. Locations within SW will be established and supervised to support our in school opportunities (Sandwich Man, Blanket making, Food Donation Organization/Delivery/Pick Ups, Neighborhood Clean Up/Shoveling, etc.)


Where can I sign up?

Students will sign up individually starting on Wednesday, December 11th during advisory. There will be a link to sign up on both the SW Homepage and the SW Student Council page. Links and more information for students will come through Advisory News, Hallway TV Monitors, Student Council Instagram and teachers in the coming weeks.

How will attendance be taken?

Attendance will be taken as students check into their volunteer opportunities throughout the day. Do not sign up for a volunteer slot if you do not plan on going.

Can I sign up for more than one thing?

No. Please only sign up for one volunteer opportunity.

If I volunteer, am I excused?

Off Site Volunteers will be excused for the whole day pending attendance at the location. Yes, you read that right, the whole day once we have confirmation that you showed up to volunteer.

How do I get to my volunteer opportunity?

Different opportunities have different transportation. Check when you are signing up to see. If you have further questions, email Sean Keir.

Where can I donate food?

Food Drive donation locations will be the following:

  • Main Office – Front Desk
  • Mr. Keir’s Room – E122

How can staff get involved?

Teachers who are interested in supporting volunteer opportunities are encouraged to do so, as much of these opportunities are being conducted off campus it is going to take a little bit of work and collaboration to make this happen. If you want to volunteer for a couple hours (no shifts are longer than 3 hours) it is your responsibility to find a colleague who is willing to share your students on that day during the hours you would be supporting our volunteers in the community. We cannot make this a success without collaborating and supporting each other.

What else is being planned for BLAST Day?

There is a raffle for awesome prizes, tickets will be sold for $2 per ticket or $20 for 12 tickets at lunch starting December 16 through December 19.

Student Council is planning on supplying Donuts for ALL Students and Staff on BLAST Day!!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Sean Keir or Josh Zoucha for clarification and answers.

Thank you all for your support of BLAST Day.

SW Student Council

@mps.swhs on Instagram