Amy McIntyre

(Ms. Mack)

DCD Teacher

Coach of the State Champion Adapted Bowling Team

Syllabus ~ DCD ~ Ms. McIntyre ~ Room 100


Teacher: Amy McIntyre Email: Phone: 612-668-1700

The DCD program is a for credit program (pass/fail) that results in an IEP driven diploma. The program focuses on functional academic, employment, and community daily living activities.

If your student needs to be picked up early from school please send a note or call Ms. McIntyre first thing in the morning.

EXPECTATIONS: Be on time, Be prepared for class, Cell phones off/silenced and put away, Be physically and verbally safe, Be and do your BEST!

Grading: 3 Point Class Period

1st point: I am here on time

2nd point: I am participating in class instruction & activity

3rd point: I have done my work to the best of my ability and

turned it in to my teacher.

Office hours: 7:40-8:15 Wednesdays