Laurentian Information


2019-2020 Laurentian Dates

Girls - March 2 - 4

Boys - March 4 - 6

Missed the Meeting?

  • Click Here for the presentation from the meeting.

Email Out to Parents:

We are closing in on our LEC trip. This email includes all things LEC. Please read each item and make sure you have it completed before the deadlines.

1.) From the nurse - We will not give out any medication (ibuprofen, tylenol, prescription, etc.) unless it has been given to the school nurse with the completed health form. Many health forms indicated that ibuprofen could be given, but we will not do so unless you have delivered the medication.

In order to administer prescription medications, a signed order is needed by the doctor/provider prescribing the medication. Orders can be faxed to the health office #651-621-7705. This medication needs to be in its original container and labeled.

If your child needs to have any medication during her/his/their Laurentian trip then ALL MEDICATION needs to be at the school nurse's office by the following dates:

Thursday, February 27th for the GIRLS' TRIP or

Monday, March 2nd for the BOYS' TRIP.

Please contact the Health Office with any medication questions at 651-621-7704.

2.) Packing List - It is never too early to consider what needs to be bought or organized for keeping warm, dry, and safe during the OUTDOOR activities on this trip. Click HERE to access the packing list. The sauna IS NOT AN ACTIVITY on our schedule, so students do not need a swimsuit.

  • If your child brings a camera, it needs to be a film camera (students usually bring LABELED disposable cameras). Phones and other electronics are not to be brought on this trip.
  • Teachers and staff will not carry your child's items from the bus to their cabin. So, make sure that he/she can carry all their gear independently.
  • It is recommended that your child pack their bags alongside you, so that he/she/they knows what was packed for this trip.
  • NO FOOD IS ALLOWED IN CABINS, so please DO NOT pack any snack or candy items for your child. Food attracts mice and bears and other critters and we don’t want them in the cabins.

3.) LEC apparel can be viewed by clicking HERE. We will not be doing online orders this year. The “shop” will be open during the first 24 hours of the trip for students to buy apparel. Please note the cost of the item(s) you want to purchase and send the correct amount of money IN A LABELED ENVELOPE!

4.) Departure Procedures (Girls - March 2; Boys - March 4):

  • EAT A BIG, HEALTHY BREAKFAST - students won't eat again until they arrive at LEC for lunch - no food is allowed on the bus
  • Arrive at Turtle Lake at 7:30
  • Leave gear in the car
  • Come into the front entry of the building and follow the directions to find your HOMEROOM teacher's table - Chaperones will go to the Chaperone Table
  • Get your nametag
  • Get all of your gear and put it underneath the bus in the storage space - have your "on the bus" items in a smaller bag. Assigned bus numbers will be on your child’s name tag.
  • We leave promptly at 8 AM

5.) "You've got mail!" being hollered at LEC mealtimes is the best! So, if you want to send your child a card or letter, please mail it by February 27th. The mailing address is:

Laurentian Environmental Center


8950 Peppard Road

Britt, MN 55710

6.) HERE is a short video that we show the students. Feel free to watch it!

Questions? Please contact Mr. Jachymowski or Mrs. Haugen.

Thank you,

The 5th Grade Teachers

2019-20 TL Girls LEC.pdf
2019-20 TL Boys LEC.pdf