Mrs. Scanlon's First Grade

This Week's Learning Targets:

Literacy Target - Reading Toolbox

I can reread to make my voice smooth.

Sound Study Target - Snap Words

I can study snap (sight) words and read them in a snap.

Handwriting - Lowercase Letters

I can make precise lowercase letters.

Writing Target - Strong Sentences

I can write a sentence beginning with a capital letter and using ending punctuation.

Math Target - Organizing Data

I can use tally marks to show information.

Unit Studies Target - Growth Mindset

I can make my brain stronger by working hard, trying new things and learning from my mistakes.


Sept. 26 Discovery Night 5:30-6:30

Sept. 27 Pastries with the Principal 10:00

Oct. 3 School Spirit Day and Food Drive

Communication Meetings

We encourage you to sign-up for one 1st semester meeting