Week 6 Forest Lake

Players and Parents,

This is an awesome week for our program, homecoming is a time where the school community rally around each other and set ourselves up for a great school year. While we make it a point to make sure football isn't the only focal point of homecoming week, no matter how you slice it we are one of the main events of the week. Please note the themes of the Day and participate as much as you can, the school supports football in a big way, this is our week to give it back and do our part to make school spirit soar.

Trust the process. Your time is coming. Just do the work and the results will handle themselves.

-Tony Gaskins-

This week I am going to challenge our players and coaches to trust the process. Last weeks varsity results didn't look any better in the news paper, but their was a different feel to the game, we made significant gains and played a much better brand of football against Armstrong. We need to continue to do the work of leveling up with a fevered pace, and like our quote of the weeks mentions, the results will handle themselves. No excuses from us, we need to perform better on Friday night, but the way we make that happen is Leveling up on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then perform on Friday.

Excited to see how tough we can be this week, its easy to give up and protect your ego, its not easy to look your shortcomings in the face, challenge yourself to get better, and go to work. Looking forward to another week of being proud of how hard our players work, and seeing what we can achieve together.

Week 6 Forest Lake -2019